Exploring Storytelling Approach with Service Design to Create Empathetic Experiences for Adolescents Living with HIV: A Case Study


  • Priyank Sagar
  • Ravi Mahamuni
  • Vasundhara Agrawal
  • Shirish Darak
  • Vijaya Jori
  • Sandeep Athavale




Social impact, Service Design, HIV, Storytelling


In India, a significant number of children live with HIV. Due to a lack of awareness and social stigma, they do not make timely and responsible life decisions around intimacy and HIV status disclosure. In this paper, we share our experience of collaborating with Prayas Health Group (PHG), a prominent Non-Government Organization in Maharashtra (India) that is dedicated to enriching the lives of HIV patients. We used Service Design methods to create a solution that disseminates essential information and enables Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV) to make informed life decisions. The solution is an interactive story media where adolescents make decisions around in-design encounters that parallel with possible real-life encounters. As a result, they learn more about the subject and its implications, leading to improved real-life decision-making. This paper demonstrates the orchestration of human and technology touchpoints through multiple dynamic and choice-based scenarios.