Local resilience through Design: a theoretical framework for territorial regeneration.


  • Stefania Palmieri
  • Mario Bisson
  • Alessandro Ianniello
  • Riccardo Palomba
  • Luca Botta




Design for the Common Good, Social Innovation, Territorial regeneration, New local relationships


The technological revolution and the current desire to reconnect with the land provide opportunities to design innovative relationships between citizens and communities for the development of regenerative activities and practices that lead to the creation of common welfare. The rural context is inclined to design strategies that involve significant changes in lifestyle by intervening in various fields with practices and activities aimed at territorial regeneration. Through different approaches, value and trust are created to co-design possible futures and transitional pathways to them. The aim of the paper is to propose a theoretical framework that considers the methodologies and activities typical of design discipline, creating guidelines for the application of innovative processes, with the intention of regenerating a place undergoing social abandonment and environmental deterioration.