A Study of Product Service System for Product Family Based on Extension Design


  • Tao Chen
  • Ding-Bang LUH
  • Xing-Sen Li




product family design, smart product service system, service design, extension design generation system


This paper, from the perspective of extension design, investigates the product family architecture composed of demand domain, functional domain, technology domain, and physical domain and establishes a product service system, which is centered on the product family development platform, based on the extension innovation method. The basic-element logic language and method of extension design is employed to analyze the characteristics of product family design including generalization, parameterization, modularization, and intelligence. In this paper, the product family design platform, including four models and three resource libraries, is developed through the formalized and modeled basic-element representation, configuration of modular elements, and intelligent generation path. Combined with artificial intelligence technology, this research constructs a smart product service system framework oriented towards product family design and proposes an extension design generation system.