Designing a sustainable collaborative food service for entrepreneurs in a university environment


  • Larissa Farias
  • Carol Soares
  • Ivan Bursztyn
  • Carla Cipolla



service design, food service, entrepreneurship, design science research


This paper aims to describe the service design of a collaborative entrepreneurship in a university environment that seeks to improve the local food in line with sustainability concepts. Design Science Research was adopted as a research method and generated an artifact, a collaborative business service of sustainable gastronomic products. This method adopted a three-cycle structure: relevance, design and rigor. To support the construction of the artifact, service design and codesign approaches were considered. The result of this process includes carrying out activities with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, as well as the participation of entrepreneurs in codesign workshops. The solution is a service implemented for collaborative entrepreneurship for university students who work under the concepts of sustainable gastronomy. The results can promote insights in new service proposals that foster the entrepreneurship of sustainable gastronomy in academic environments and help in the qualification of students as entrepreneurs.