Collaborative Fashion Consumption: Second-hand PSSs as agent of change


  • Gabriela Fabro Cardoso
  • Alessandra Spagnoli



collaborative fashion consumption, fashion servitisation, sustainable transformation, circular economy


The second-hand market has been in the spotlight when it comes to circular and collaborative fashion studies. Resale service dynamics and designs have been reinvented over time, currently influenced by consumer demands and their new ways of thinking about the fashion industry. Within this context, this paper aims to draw an up-to-date mapping of current second-hand practices in the fashion sector in the Brazilian context. Through a proposed model - an interpretative framework for PSSs in fashion second-hand market - three different clusters (thrift shops, digital marketplaces, and virtual social communities) were identified, mapped and analysed, representing three different approaches to the servitisation of the sector by establishing variable relations and connections between the ecosystem actors: territories, communities and companies.