Multistakeholder Service Design Framework for Design of Patient Care Pathways - A case of joint management of pain patients in the health, labour and welfare services in Norway


  • Ashis Jalote-Parmar
  • Dag Takuro Hara
  • Ida Guldbrandsøy
  • Astrid Woodhouse
  • Karen Walseth Hara



Service Design, Human centered design, Patient Care Pathways, Welfare Services


Offering pain management services is a cohesive effort involving several stakeholders such as health, labour and welfare services. Globally, efforts are being made to develop streamlined patient care pathways, but there remains a specific need to improve and build the health care delivery services, for pain prevention, assessment, treatment, management, and follow-up. This raises the need for customised service design frameworks that provide guidance to both designers and healthcare providers in systematically involving multiple stakeholders to design patient-centered health care pathways. This paper presents a human-centered design case of service design for joint management of pain patients in the health, labour, and welfare services in Norway. This paper contributes directly to both the service design literature and health practice by proposing a multistakeholder service design framework. Paper also highlights strategic challenges and proposed solutions in the ongoing efforts in planning new national patient care pathways