Who serves who serves you?


  • Bruno Santos




Service, work relationship, precariousness of work, uberization


In contemporary society, the service has taken up more and more space and, although part of its value is still linked to productive work, it is already possible to see that the field of non-productive and reproductive work begins to absorb a significant part of the social workforce. This process has generated, on the one hand, a demand for professionals able to design good services and, on the other hand, the precariousness of the work of service providers. This article aims to present a reflection on the relationship between these two categories of professionals: those who design and those who execute the service, both working class specimens, but different in their interests and working conditions. Thus, this work brings provocations that can be condensed into a single question: What is the role of the Service Designer in the face of the precariousness of the work of service providers?