A study of Chinese residents participating in design for sustainability in the context of carbon neutrality


  • Chang Xiong
  • Sang Guangliang




Design for Sustainability (DFS), Carbon Emission, Sustainable Social, Kitchen Waste Recycling


This paper combs the development history and current situation of Design for Sustainability (DFS), and discusses the role of DFS in social transformation. The author studies the methods and tools of DFS and their achievements in different fields. The research shows that DFS can provide effective solutions in different fields. In the article, the author finds that the DFS policy will be different in different contexts, so the author puts forward the DFS method in the Chinese social context. Under the severe theme of climate change, the research is focused on the issue of carbon emissions. Using the DFS method in the context of Chinese society, the author takes the design of sustainable service system for kitchen waste recycling as a case, and tries to introduce the DFS method into the problem of reducing carbon emissions.