Des ( · ) Teta: Healing ritual for women in the process of breast implant removal


  • Lina Samper-Santamaria
  • Santiago De Francisco Vela



Breast implants, Healing Rituals, Symbolic Meaning, Emotional Services


In 2011, the Poly Implant Prothese breast implant scandal broke out worldwide. Since then, legal firms have represented affected women, collectively suing TÜV-Rheinland, who certified the quality of PIPs for nearly ten years. However, it is estimated that around 24% of these women cannot remove the implants. On top of this, women have suffered various repercussions. Many have created coping mechanisms to deal with these situations. We introduce Des(·)Teta, a new service that focuses on healing rituals for women during breast implant removal. A non-profit organization delivers the service that offers discounts on the explant surgery and recovery process besides the healing ritual. Des(·)Teta highlights the importance of resignifying a traumatic experience. This resignification is embedded by a stamp of the capsule created by the body to protect it. This stamp is a symbol of a new beginning for women.