What is the value of using a non-accessible service for users with disabilities?


  • Nayara Sardella
  • Manuela Quaresma




web accessibility, service design, Service Dominant Logic, co-creation


The subject of accessibility has been gaining prominence and space in the academic literature in recent years, with the advance of technology. However, there is still little discussion about the challenges designers face in applying accessibility to digital interfaces in a dynamic environment, such as the job market, and the impact this has on the accessibility of the interface and the service provided. This paper aims to bring a discussion and reflection about how the process of applying accessibility in interfaces happens inside organizations and how designers deal with the subject – raising questions regarding the value in use of the service delivered to users with disabilities. For this, a literature review was carried out, in which it was possible to identify that most digital interfaces are still not accessible for the final customer with disabilities, making the value of use questionable.