Towards designing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services: The case of +Acordo


  • Isabela Motta
  • Maria Julia Lima
  • Thomaz Ambrosio
  • Alimed Celecia
  • Ana Lara Mangeth
  • Isabella Frajhof
  • Cesar Cury



Online Dispute Resolution, Artificial Intelligence, Consumer Claims, Mediation services


Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) services are a beneficial alternative to litigation in consumer-related claims in Brazil. Thus, understanding how to improve these services is important. Nevertheless, designers still need to explore some open gaps, such as specificities of the Brazilian context, characteristics of consumer claims, and potential impacts of employing AI. This paper aims to discuss design implications through a two-phased case study on an AI-based ODR service developed by a Brazilian State Court: +Acordo. In study 1, we present a map illustrating lawyers' journeys with consumer lawsuits against electricity companies. In study 2, we expose results from interviews with certified mediators. Our results indicate that AI-based ODR services should highlight their quickness and ethics throughout the services' touchpoints. These services should also be transparent and clear, even for layman consumers. Moreover, designers should explore ways to integrate AI systems with human-based support throughout the service.