UX Sustainability: an overview on the sustainability dimension of AI-infused Objects forming product-service ecosystems


  • Alice Paracolli
  • Venanzio Arquilla




Sustainability, User Experience Design, Artificial Intelligence, Life Cycle


This research aims to suggest a new design perspective to analyse the sustainability of an AI-infused object in its entirety. Before we present what AI-infused Objects are and how they form product-service ecosystems, secondly, we analyse the state of the arts of its sustainable dimension. The analysis of AI-infused objects should include: (1) the entire life cycle of the object, its social and economic impact; (2) the impact of the "digital soul" of the object; (3) the ecosystem analysis should also include all indirect impacts of the service, considering how users' behaviour changes when they come in contact with the artificial intelligence ecosystem. The research contributes to the design literature in two ways: (1) by raising awareness in designers on the effective impact of AI-infused Objects forming the product-service ecosystems, (2) by inviting designers to make this awareness concrete through User Experience Sustainability analysis and behavioural change strategies applied to persuasive technology.