Take-it-back Service: meta-scenario for white-good appliances


  • Adele Cagnato Conte
  • Aguinaldo dos Santos
  • Ana Beatriz Avelino Barbosa
  • Bheatriz Silvano Graciano
  • Bruna Andrade
  • Carolina Daros
  • Gabriel Lied
  • Júlio César do Amaral




service design, take-it-back, Internet of Things, transparency


The need to change the consumer behavior in relation to the disposal of home appliances promotes a discussion to create a meta-scenario for a take it back service that can create value in the relationship between Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) consumers and manufactures. This paper presents a study on home appliances' take-it-back service using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors integrated into a collaborative digital platform, focusing on promoting transparency for consumers. The research method was a systematic literature review combined with a range of Service Design Tools. The study first introduces an explanation of reverse logistics and its relationship with the IoT. Service Design tools such as Focus Group, Card Sorting, Tomorrow’s Headlines, and Storyboard, were used for a better understanding of the problem and to support the generation of alternatives process. The insertion of emerging technologies as a key factor to the meta-scenario proposed corroborates with the change in the consumer behavior for sustainability, and it helps the user for better decision-making.