A User Experience Study on the Design Direction for Foreigner-Friendly Telecommunication Service in South Korea


  • Daeun Kim
  • Chaemoon Yoo
  • Hyemin Lee
  • Wonyoung Lee
  • Younghwan Pan




UX design, user-research, telecommunication, foreigner-friendly design


As South Korea experiences an increase in cultural and ethnic diversity, telecommunication companies have recognized the need to provide online service channels, such as mobile applications and websites, that are tailored to the needs of this growing segment of users. Despite efforts by some companies to be more inclusive in their design, including the provision of separate translated webpages, non-native customers still encounter obstacles when utilizing telecom services, resulting in a suboptimal user experience and limited accessibility. Therefore, a systematic study is required to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges faced by foreign users when purchasing and using telecommunication services. This study includes case studies and reviews of existing services, user experience research through focus group, in-depth and expert interviews, this study aims to suggest a direction for designing mobile telecommunication service targeting foreigners in South Korea. Ultimately, the findings of this study are expected to be practically used as a resource for designing “foreigner-friendly” telecommunication services that promotes equal accessibility to information and support.