Rapid Service Design for Service Continuity in Pandemic-like Disruptions


  • Bhaskarjyoti Das
  • Ravi Mahamuni
  • Sylvan Lobo




service design, organizational services, design research, resilience


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted employees’ lifestyles as well as organizational service experiences. Disrupted service experiences have led to changes in employee well-being, behavior, and responses, disrupting existing organizational structures and leading to diminished effectiveness of workplace and workforce management. Employee satisfaction at work has become more crucial post-pandemic for retaining employees in the organization. To thrive in the postpandemic situation, offering improved flexibility and adaptability in the employee lifecycle will enable employees to respond and recover faster and better. In this paper, we analyse the employee service experience problems and disruptive scenarios that have occurred due to the pandemic. We propose a Rapid Service Design (RSD) approach to mitigate gradually unfolding challenges, accelerate the service design process cycle time, and creatively and iteratively respond to service continuity in pandemic-like disruptions.