Telemedicine services in Brazil: using service design to analyze experiences


  • Larissa Farias
  • Carla Cipolla



telemedicine, service design, experience, healthcare


Due to its long regulatory process, telemedicine is an immature service modality in Brazil. With the coronavirus pandemic, users experienced for the first time remote care in the face of quarantine and social isolation. This study analyzes the experience of beginner users in telemedicine services during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis was based on the context of service design where people were interviewed and tools such as blueprint, user profile and brainstorming were used in the process. With these tools, the analysis process became agile to identify the complaints and expectations of users by visually understanding the services used. The results highlight touchpoints categories and lessons learned regarding the experience with telemedicine in a fortuitous period. Understanding the experiences of those involved help researchers and service providers design new telemedicine services considering this current practice in Brazil.