Disaster insurance and risk transfer mechanisms for natural disasters – challenges and opportunities for a new service discussed in literature reviews


  • Cássio Maduro
  • Tharcisio Fontainha




disaster insurance, systematic literature review, service innovation, service design


Climate change is increasing the risks, frequency and intensity of disasters related to extreme weather events. In this context, the academic literature has suggested disaster insurance as a potential financial tool. Therefore, the research investigates the challenges and opportunities in developing disaster insurance as a financial service related to disaster risks. The research adopts a systematic literature review in the Scopus and Web of Science, identifying 81 other literature reviews on the theme, resulting in the analysis of 15 papers. The results describe the state of the art in terms of topic, location, disaster and insurance types. The analysis indicates the need for public-private partnerships and the exploitation of new markets/models of insurance, especially in developing countries. Future research may investigate the challenges and opportunities of specific disaster insurance types and locations, discussing the adherence to the findings of this research.