Challenges of Service Design and User Experience Design in e-commerce after COVID-19 pandemic


  • Louise H R Mangia
  • Manuela Quaresma



service design, user experience, e-commerce, COVID-19


Service Design (SD) and User Experience Design (UXD) share the focus on user experience which is required for a broader design perspective along the customer journey through different touchpoints. User experience has been intensified by e-commerces during COVID-19 pandemic to create rapid solutions for these digital consumers. The objective of this paper is to address the challenges of UXD and SD integration in e-commerces during pandemic. In this context, the literature has shown that SD and UXD are facing challenges, particularly related to integrated product-service solutions. This integrated perspective has promoted a better user experience in complex systems characterized by a multi-channel and multi-touchpoint customer’s journey. Thus, the pandemic has provoked a demanding user profile and design innovations which increasingly require the integration of SD and UXD. The contribution of this paper is to clarify about the user, the combined product and service innovations in e-commerce impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.