Wicked Strategies: Comparing Evolved Double Diamond and PPG’s Framework for Strategy Creation for Wicked Problems in Service Design


  • Sari Kotaniemi
  • Mari Suoheimo
  • Satu Miettinen




wicked problem, strategic service design, evolved double diamond, PPG’s framework for responding to wicked problems


Wicked problems are present in many of the services that service designers design as in healthcare, social work or sustainable transportation. Camillus (2008) argued that wicked problems often increase as an organisation faces constant change or unprecedented challenges. These challenges need models on how to tackle them and in this article we will compare the Evolved Double Diamond model with PPG Industries’ framework for responding to wicked problems, as presented by Camillus (2008). Both models are used to create a strategy for the context of wicked problems: a new Evolved Double Diamond model that addresses especially complex problems. It is good to look at models critically and understand their similarities and differences for possible future development of strategies.